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Dr. LaCroix

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MessageSujet: Pole Mall Security   Pole Mall Security Icon_minitimeSam 20 Juin - 17:33


I'm Dr. LaCroix (but don't be fooled, I don't speak French, sorry! only english and spanish), member of PMS.
We heard of your existence indirectly through FL, and we want to welcome you to WG.

Although I've read the whole thing on the FL topic, I still found it a bit confusing. Which is your HQ then? Copeland?
Ours is obviously the Malll.
Sorry, maybe later I'll post some profiles, but in the mean time, this is my in-game name, and this is the current leader:
Alexander Tredger.

You can go here: http://profiles.urbandead.net/index.php?
Really useful. Type the name of the character and get the profile.

I also encourage you to join the Greyside Defense Treaty:

Well, the more the merrier, we always say, so see you arround :)
What a creepy smiling face, hahaha.

And yum, meat! meat

ok, bye.
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MessageSujet: Re: Pole Mall Security   Pole Mall Security Icon_minitimeDim 21 Juin - 0:27

Hi !

Thanks for the presentation ! :)

We don't have a HQ anymore,... I think, it's not very clear :D
I think we can tell that we are ally, and i'm happy of that.

So see you in the game ;)

PS: Sorry for my "english" :|

Mon profil
Class: Civilian Fireman Niveau:41 Quartier:Kempsterbank
Mon pseudo sur hordes: Turin
Chasseur de PKer
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Pole Mall Security
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